The Divine Invasion
The Divine Invasion

The Divine Invasion

Dylan Williams would never ask any of his friends to do a benefit like this. Not his style. Sorry Dylan, I know you said no gifts, but your friends love you too much and you’re just going to have to accept this present.

We've organized a series of art auctions to raise money for Dylan's medical care. The theme is for artists to recreate Philip K Dick book covers.
Although you'll see that in some cases publishers have donated some very rare books and other artists have donated other illustrations and sketches to the cause.

100% of the proceeds from these art sales go to Dylan Williams, founder of Sparkplug Comics Books, who was battling cancer.
Tragically Dylan passed away on 9/10/11 but the fundraisers will continue to help his family with the financial burdens from his medical care.
If you are an artist that would like to contribute to the benefit please email: jason (at) floatingworldcomics (dot) com

Click on the image twice and you will be redirected to the accompanying eBay auction.
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